On September 27th, we held the first "Adimian BBQ", to celebrate a good year so far for the company (even if it was still September).

We gathered at my place, on the terrace, we even took the kids high chairs out for the occasion.


Even if anyone can be a coder,baking a hand-made corporate cake is no easy task. Luckily, no developer was involved in the preparation of this masterpiece.



As the Belgian weather can be ... changing, we had to cancel the part of the BBQ that involves standing outside next to a grill, and eventually ordered pizza to feed all the team.


After dinner, and putting the young interns to sleep (and telling them a bedtime story) it was time for some challenge !

Here enters ... the bausack.


It's a board game involving wooden pieces of different shapes that, let's be honest, don't go well together. The purpose of the game is to build the highest tower using available blocks, player taking blocks in turns.


We played two variants: the "auction" game, where people use small plastic diamonds to "buy" nice blocks away from others, or "gift" them crappy blocks nobody wants. This game requires a steady hand and creativity in the final rounds.


Second variant is called "stacks", every player builds a stack of 10 blocks, and every player in turn can add one block from the top of everyone's stack onto his own constructions.

Here again, no developer was involved in winning the games, we were defeated twice by the ladies.