A few blog posts back I somewhat shared a "sneak-peak" of our office in progress. Happy to say we’re finally able to reveal the whole thing!

For the past 7-8 years, Adimian functioned perfectly without having a physical office in place.
We either worked from home or from the customer's premise. However, as the company drasticly grew in headcount over the past year, the need for a place to call home grew with it.

After already having visited multiple locations, we finally (quite literally) ran into the right place.

Settling in a renovated office space at Rue Royale 87, we now have a location to:

  • organize events (Python aperos, technical workshops, ...)
  • welcome students doing their internship at Adimian
  • have more teambuilding events (LAN parties, BBQs & more)

All-in-all, the new headquarters will allow both us and external parties to benefit from a place to gather and meet. As a remote company, our employees will enjoy a central hub to connect with one another, avoiding getting isolated on their home-office island.

On the business side, it will also enable us to diversify our activities, as we are now able to provide training space and organize events.

As pictures say more than words, I'll let the images below do the talking.

The Meeting Room


The Patio


The Dining Area


The Coffee Lounge


The "Collaboration" Space


The Kitchen


The "Focus" Space